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Posted on 2013.06.26 at 21:47
I love her, she's not nice to me, but her favourite character is Sirius and she likes astronomy and sometimes thinks I'm funny.
I think she was just bored of me. That happens, right?

Posted on 2013.05.18 at 18:02
Why is love so painful?
It's easy to give advice and say things, but the minute you're in the situation, it's a whole other story.
I believe I love her, and she has told me she loves me, but there are so many deal-breakers, and we've broken up three times over different things and I just don't know if I can do it.
I know I shouldn't, but if she were to turn around and say 'Let's get back together' right now, I wouldn't even think twice before agreeing.
It's so easy to say 'don't be with someone unless they want to be with you for you', but it's so hard to say no to someone you love.


Posted on 2012.06.03 at 02:42
Current Location: Bed
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It was amazing. Thanks for being there, billys_pin_up

Unfortunately SP PIT SELLS OUT DAMN QUICK, so we were stuck in seating, but IT WAS AWESOME ALL THE SAME.

Would have been a thousand times better in the pit, being able to see their faces and all, but it was fucking sweet all the same.

They were filming it for a dvd. Now, I'm not sure if they're doing another live dvd, or if they're just filming snippets from gigs, and I'd prefer another live dvd, BECAUSE IT WOULD BE THE ONE IN MY CITY. THAT I WENT TO. So it would be amazing my default, but I think it's probably more likely to be snippets of live shows.

ANYWAY. They fucking rocked.

The Never Ever and We The Kings opened for them. I'd never heard of either of them, and I wasn't blown away by them, but they didn't suck, so that's something, I guess.

Anyway, SIMPLE PLAN. The main attraction. The only thing I cared about seeing. I keep missing them! I didn't go a few years ago, because I had no one to go with, and when they played Vancouver, I was visiting Melb, and when they played Melbourne, I was back in Van! BUGGER.


I can do the starting song and the final song with absolute certainty, but everything in there is just in no particular order:

Shut Up.
The Worst Day Ever.
When I'm With You/You Don't Mean Anything/My Alien Medley.
I Got a Feeling/I'm Sexy and I Know It/Moves Like Jagger/Dynamite Medley. (there may have been others, but I can't recall)
God Must Hate Me.
When I'm Gone.
Your Love Is a Lie.
Welcome to My Life.
Thank You.
Can't Keep My Hands Off You.
Jet Lag [ft Christina Parie].
You Suck At Love.
This Song Saved My Life.
Summer Paradise.
I'd Do Anything.
Loser of the Year.
I'm Just a Kid.
Crazy [acoustic].
Perfect [acoustic start].

They also tried Aussie accents (showah, latah etc, and they pronounce Melbourne correctly!).
They talked about Vegemite, of course, and Pierre said he quite liked it, then David said he was going to rub Vegemite all over his body and asked if Pierre would still enjoy it if he had to lick it off. Pierre claimed to be turned off by this. I think otherwise.


Pierre got in the crowd once, David twice, once was crowd surfing, and I can't even imagine how much he must've been groped. Holy fucking shit.

They introduced a hot new dj, who was actually Chuck. DJ Funky C, I think. Pretty fucking funny.

Annnnnnnnd I think that's all I can remember.

Man. I want to relive it so bad. I'd Do Anything was definitely one of my favourites, because it's my favourite song anyway, but they were all amazing.

Right. I'm off to bed, now. *yawn*.



Supernatural re-watch.

Posted on 2012.04.12 at 08:09
Current Location: Bed
Feeling: cheerfulcheerful
I can hear: The Veronicas - When It All Falls Apart
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Man, I really should start LJing again. Or... Updating my journal with pointless shit.

What can I report today?

K-Town and I started watching Supernatural last night, because she hasn't seen the whole series. I mean, I haven't either, because I stopped in Vancouver, ironically, and am now only halfway through S6, but I've seen further than her. (Now, I say 'ironically' because the reason I chose Vancouver for my work visa destination was partly influenced by the fact that SPN filming is done there. Anyhoo, we started watching it. From S1.

MAN, I MISS EARLY SEASONS. I know shows progress and develop different story arcs and whatnot, but I miss the good old ghost hunting! Now, I love the addition of Cas, but I'm so sick of angels and demons.

Because, the boys were so young and adorable when it started. I just want to pinch their cheeks. Naaaw.

Posted on 2012.02.20 at 08:18
About four years ago, I swore I would never get a high-tech phone, because it's a waste of money and we already have computers.
But that was four years ago, and yesterday, I sold out.
BUT MAN. THIS PHONE IS SO COOL AND I DON'T CARE. And at least I can still say I didn't sell out enough to join the iPhone bandwagon. Eugh.

Growing fear

Posted on 2012.01.09 at 11:03
Current Location: Living room
Feeling: scaredscared
I can hear: Sports news on the radio. Ugh.
My biggest fear right now (aside from the usual 'being buried alive' or mum dying, of course), is having Savage Garden's I Don't Know You Anymore become a reality for me shortly, and not being able to do anything about it. It's not in my control anymore, I have to wait it out and hope for the best, but with every day, the lyrics apply more and more and it terrifies me.


Posted on 2012.01.01 at 01:08
Current Location: lounge
Feeling: hopefulhopeful
I can hear: Some radio station
Happy New years.

Welcome to 2012.

May it be a good year for all.

I'm certainly hoping for the best.

South Park

Posted on 2011.12.31 at 11:05
Current Location: lounge
Feeling: lonelylonely
I can hear: Harry Potter DH - Lovegood
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There is something about reading South Park fanfiction that just really gets to me. Specifically the whole 'Stan and Kyle haven't spoken in years and when they finally do they fight about everything that happened and then eventually make up'.

I think sometimes it just hits too close to home, and then I also wish my life could end that way, if I wasn't so bitter.

Fuck you, South Park, and fuck you brain/heart/my whole being.

Turning a new leaf.

Posted on 2011.12.22 at 09:53
Current Location: Downstairs unit
Feeling: contemplativecontemplative
I can hear: Birds outside.
This might sound very hypocritical to some of those who really know me, but I don't care. It's been bugging me for a while.
As a step to try and become a better person, and stop being narrow-minded in some fields, I've decided to renounce labels. Particularly one that has always been quite important to me. Labels in sexuality.
It's actually more confusing, frustrating and provoking to stand up and say "I am, he is, she is this way and that's the way it is".
I've come to the conclusion that, not in everyone, mind you, one way isn't forever.
Particularly myself.
I labelled myself 'lesbian'. However, I've always been of the opinion that just because I have no sexual interest in guys at the moment, doesn't mean I never will in my whole life.
I don't want to count that out. And being so for 'if you say you're one thing, then turn around and do the opposite, just don't say it in the first place', has now put me in a position where I might very possibly become what I dislike so greatly.
Therefore, to avoid becoming something I've been against, I think it's time for me to change my views and get over it.
People can be whatever they want. They don't need to be categorised. The moment someone breaks from the category they have been put in, confusion erupts.
That shouldn't be. Why should the rest of society give a shit about it? It's got nothing to do with them.
Anyway, I think I've successfully confused myself. Time to finish it.
In summary, I'm going to stop judging and expecting things from people. Especially self-proclaimed things.
If people nothing I'm not doing so well, please tell me. This is important.
Thank you.

It's Time.

Posted on 2011.11.30 at 11:32
Current Location: Hotel in Halifax, NS
Feeling: touchedtouched
I can hear: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody.
This is the only thing stopping me from being a proud Australian.
It's a big fucking deal, and it's time to right this wrong.
End discrimination.

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